Tips for an Internet business PR campaign

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Tips for an Internet business PR campaign

1. Set goals for your campaign

increase sales, attract advertisers, drive traffic to your site, build brand awareness

2. Develop unique selling proposition (USP)

about your company, its products and services; create key message points about the benefits to end users

3. Determine your target audiences

Internet industry, advertisers, consumers, Wall Street, etc.

4. Begin a publicity program

write a press release about significant company announcements (ie: new product launch, a strategic partnership, a new source of funding, advertising sponsorship, an experienced executive joining the company)

5. Select appropriate spokespersons for the media--yourself, your marketing manager, your technical expert

6. Create a target media list

business editor and Internet/technology reporter for local newspaper, advertising and interactive trade editors, business reporters, TV reporters covering cyberspace

7. Send release to reporters by E-mail or fax by 8 A.M. of the day you issue it

follow up with a phone call by late morning; talk to your messages points; you'll only have time to give the top line of the story

8. Follow what reporters are writing every day and know their interests

9. pot industry trends by checking online media and traditional print and broadcast coverage daily or several times a day

10. Build relationships with reporters

invite them to lunch; see them at industry events






How to get media coverage for your business

1. Write a book on something you like or do, become an instant expert.

2. Challenge an existing institution and show that you're making progress.

3. Find/create a way to do something in 10% of the time/hassle/cost as it used to, before your product/service came along.

4. Create a website or email newsletter and wait for a reporter/writer to start your media coverage.

5. Hire a PR firm and ask THEM to achieve coverage for you.

6. Build a track record of serving a particular niche and then call your local newspaper, tell your story and see if they're interested.

7. Take an existing product or service, and change/customize it so that it's revolutionized or a different niche is using it.

8. Link what you do/offer to an already existing trend or news event.

9. Add an electronic or free component to what you offer and pitch the story with an Internet angle.

10. Get someone important/known to endorse you or what you're offering.


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