Ten Strategies To Increase Your Sales

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Ten Strategies To Increase Your Sales

When potential customers are shopping around, how can your products or services stand out? Try these 10 tips to increase your sales.

Begin by differentiating your services or products by who you and your company are.
What differentiates you? More training, more experience, better methods,
a better team? Come up with your key points.

If people can buy a similar product or service for less, be ready to overcome that obstacle.
Agree with the potential customer that they can buy for less but show
them that they may be comparing apples to oranges.

Sell based on value.
Describe what they will get from your product or service.

Stress the quality of your product or service.
Point out what you are providing for the same investment as the competitor.

Talk about dependability.
How long have you been in business? What's your experience or background?
How about testimonials and benefits?

Have some advantages that differentiate you.
What can you provide that others don't? Come up with something special or
exclusive. Ask your customers what they might suggest.

Give outstanding follow-up services.
Frequently, customers complain that after the sale, there is no follow-up.
Differentiate yourself by providing a unique follow-up service. That alone
will be a refreshing change for customers!

Offer a money back guarantee.
Great point for differentiation.

Take credit cards if most of your competitors don't.

Target a niche that your competitor doesn't sell to.
Want to be different - just sell to people that no one else has marketed
to... it takes a bit of research but can really pay off












Unique Referral Tactics

To get more and better business leads network with those clients you already have a relationship with. (Note: some professions are prohibited from making gifts for referrals.)

1. Create a referral form.

A fill-in-the-blank referral form that is distributed quarterly to the names on your database is guarenteed to land leads. To help customers zero in on appropriate prospects, ask questions that relate to your nitch:"Whom do you know who's retiring in five years? Who just bought a new home? Who's launched a business?" Send a thank you note to everyone who sends you a referral. If you win a large account, send them a basket of flowers, bottle of wine or a magazine subscription.

2. Host a salon.

A salon is a business mixer for the sole purpose of garnering new business. Invite your best clients and ask each of them to bring a friend along. Because it is not easy for customers to think up prospects names when they don't know your market, send a list of the type of client you are trying to target along with the invitation.

3. Ask during delivery.

No matter what you sell, your clients are most likely to be enthusiastic at the point of delivery.(Weylman) This is an excellent time to leverage yourself. In fact, ask for referrals at any point in the sale.

4. Offer incentives.

Rewards for referrals that turn into business can range from free estimates, samples, consultations, coaching sessions to a discount on future purchases, etc. Just be careful to not give more than the referral is worth.

5. Sponsor a contest.

Enter everyone who sends a referral that coughs up a lead in a drawing. Make the prize substantial. "Make giving referrals fun," says Robert Middleton. Examples might range from a meal at an elegant inn to a mini-vacation or such.

6. Give leads in return.

This is one of the best ways to get referrals. But be absolutely sure that the referrals you give are competent and reliable. Remember your reputation is on the line. You don't want good intentions to jeopardize your relationship with your existing clients.

7. Pump prospects who've passed up your services.

Most potential client/customers feel bad when they have to turn your business down, so why not make them feel better by requestin leads. They do not see this as a burden. Just be sure to acknowledge them when the referrals come in and especially when they become a customer.

8. Swap leads with rivals.

If geography or time restricts your ability to service all your potential clients, simply pass along jobs you can't handle to other businesses and ask them to do the same. Giving these referrals scores you points with potential clients who may come back to you some day.

9. Cultivate reciprocal referrals from noncompetitors.

Find out who is compiling a database of related business and ask to be included. The opportunities occur in businesses which are somewhat collateral to your own.

10. Tap suppliers.

Constantly remind vendors of your need for referrals. Send out a letter or brochure which says, "When my business grows, your business grows." Likely, reason you don't get more referrals is because you don't ask. So, ASK!


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