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Free Business Plan Template

Click below to download for free, with our compliments, a comprehensive business plan template. This same business plan template helped start more than 200,000 businesses. Use it to develop a successful business plan for your business.

To download your free Business Plan Template Click here!, or type this in your web browser:

Note: the Business Plan Template comes in RTF format, ready for insertion in your favorite word processor.

Installation instructions for the business plan template:

Double click on the file SBC.exe and unzip it into an empty directory on your hard disk (the default directory is c:\Business Plan). This will extract the business plan template file BPtemplate.rtf which is the actual template file.

Now open the file BPtemplate.rtf in your favorite word processor. Enjoy











Essentials Of Successful Print Ads

Print ads generally have four written parts -- headline, support copy, call to action, and company name -- plus a visual.  Visuals are usually more important than copy because they're more effective in attracting readers' attention and can instantly present your product or service in a dramatic and motivating way.  Unless you're commissioning your own original artwork or photography, the visuals you'll use will probably be either drawings and photographs from your suppliers, or non-copyrighted artwork (clip art) found in clip-art books and scrap-art computer programs.  So choose the strongest visual among them -- the one that best draws the eye and explains what you're selling -- and move on to copy.

The most prominent piece of copy -- your headline -- must not only work with your visual, amplifying its meaning, but also attract attention with a word, phrase or sentence announcing a benefit that appeals to your target market.  One expert wrote that a headline is that final, mind-changing, sales-clinching comment you'd make when leaving the office of a prospect who, until then, had responded with nothing but negatives. Others point to the enduring effectiveness of the standard headlines "Sale," "Free" and "Buy now and save."     

Collect ideas that are right for you from your salespeople, from the ads in your file, and from advertising books.  And remember it is not so much the words, but the ideas they express, that sell; determine your message, then find words to convey it.

Below the headline, support copy explains the headline premise and adds secondary benefits or any assurance readers might need to dispel suspicions raised by the headline, such as the assurance of "same great quality" when you're offering a "new low price." Following this copy, as a sign-off, is a call to action urging the reader to respond ("Call for an appointment today," or "Remember, sale ends March 21").

Your company name, traditionally at the bottom of the ad, should include your address and phone number.  Make your phone number larger to help stimulate response by phone.  Add a cross street to your address (e.g., "5730 Sheridan, at La Monte") if you're a new business or if, for other reasons, people might have difficulty finding you.

The next step is to combine all these visual and copy elements into an eye-catching, easy-to-read ad formatted to the dimensions stipulated by the publication.  It's best to study the ads in that publication in advance, and consider what your ad might look like in order to stand out on the page.  Experiment with different layout ideas rendered in thumbnail sketches, and then fine-tune your ad to fit the layout you prefer.  Obviously, it's highly advisable if not imperative, when you're doing ads in-house, that the person composing your ad has design experience.  Not only is skill required to make an ad look right, but the quality of your ad must compete favorably with others appearing in the publication.

It's also a good idea to prepare your ad well ahead of the deadline. This way, you can put it aside for a few days and then review the ad with a fresh perspective while there's still time to make revisions.

As a final check, lay your ad on a page of the publication where it will appear and make sure it stands out from the articles and other ads on the page.


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