This exclusive memorable domain name, is for sale. The name 'adora' \a-do-ra\ sounds elagant and distinctive. It is of Greek, Old German and Latin origin, and its meaning is "a gift; beloved; adored". The name begins with an 'a' and ends with an 'a'. Importantly, it's short, easy to spell, write and remember. Unlike a long, ambiguous or hard to spell name, a web site and business with such a short distinctive name like adora can be remembered and accessed much easily and accurately.

The name, adora would make an excellent, exquisite and elegant name brand for your business, much like these famous name brands: ikea, nokia, nike, yahoo, coke and pepsi do to their respective business. All these memorable and strong brands are short (5 letters or less), easy to spell, write and remember. So is adora.

More examples of famous and successful name brands having similar elegant name like, with their names begin with the alphabet 'a': amazon, acura, ariba, adobe, apple, aveda and acer.

Possible uses: A domain name with endless possible uses. Ideal for Jewelry, Fashion, Cosmetics, Furniture, Merchandise, Design, Mobile App, Devices, Communication Systems, a Dynamic Startup, a Marketing Company, a Financial Advisory Company and more.

Price of the Domain: Open to Offer
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